Sun Life MPF Online Pension Services Centre

With the wide range of digital devices available nowadays, it is important to provide web services that support a large variety of user experience and user journey. Sun Life Hong Kong and BestServe would like to elevate the user experience for the customer on how to manage their MPF investment and the UX/UI of the interfaces, so that there is a truly customer centric solution for the rising number of customers.

We starting the project from the basic by developing the Persona, defining the user journey, designing a modern and user friendly UX/UI. Everything went through usability testing to refine our design direction. The goal is, the create a brand new platform where the customer can enjoy managing their investment easily at any platforms and devices.

Programming might seems easy as 1+1=2. Actually it is not. There are challenges. A Lot. But we are professional who dedicated to provide solutions and consultation that over come these challenges. The results, after 11 months of collaboration efforts, mind blowing.