A new trendy cooking studio, inspired and founded by Bonnie Chu, the famous HK Cook / KOL, just launhed her first cooking studio “CookTown” in Hong Kong, which provide hands on and profession cooking experience for their customers.  Gimmick House as the Business Development Consultant, it is very important for us the understand the vision of the business and help the founder to find it’s way to success.  From developing the business proposal, financial planning and business forecast, we wanted to help the founder to be a couple of step ahead of their business and their competitors, and finding the best strategies for launch the business.


Once the business direction is confirmed, we immediately stepping in the creative process, to create the corporate identity, logo, social media platform like Facebook, and most importantly, their cooking class e-commerce website platform.  The website platform is the key communication channel for their business, which the customers can come to the website to book their favourite cooking class and complete the full registration and payment process online.

When we were designing this website, we are not only wanted to provide a customer centric user experiences to the customer, we wanted to create a system which can ease the operation process and daily operation for the administrators.  The frontend of the website is full of favor and powerful at the backend, with fully customise and automated functions to support the business.  


Meanwhile, the business quickly expanded it’s horizon including reselling products at the shop, which required an powerful yet easy to use Point Of Sales solution. Instead of using the traditional POS system which require a lot of equipments, we wanted to make it simple by provide a POS system based on web technologies, accessed by an iPad or any web browser.  All you need is just an iPad and you can serve your customers, building up inventory and make sales.

For online marketing, we have focused on Facebook because we would like to take the benefit of Bonnie’s fan base on our personal page.  From content creation to advertising media buy, we have spent a great deal of effort to create content and marketing campaign that differ from our competitors.  The result was motivating and it has become an up rising star in the industry.