The all-new BMW 3 series Launch


To share the joy of the all the-new BMW 3 series, a massive launch party is always top of the list. In order to hype up the excitement as well as arousing enormous publicities, the event had took place in the HKCEC, where the perfect place for such one of a kind event.



Elegant sporty flair, Clear aesthetic appeal and Pioneering technologies; these are the key elements that make all new BMW 3 Series one of the most valuable creations of BMW. The overall theme of this event was inspired by the light trail of the Xenon Headlight when driving in high speed. Therefore various light elements could be found throughout the event, such as the welcoming tunnel and the 3D mapping light show performance etc.


These performances are all resembled the Pulse of Speed as well as the Dynamic performance and Athletic Design of the car itself.

Since its already the 6th generation of this unique series, its predecessors also played a big part in the history of its evolution. Previous 3 series models were displayed in the venue as an exhibition, so that the importance of these predecessors was thoroughly highlighted.


“What kind of performance can be as astonishing as the all-new BMW 3 series itself?” That was the most frequently appeared question during countless meetings.



Through the use of innovative 3D mapping light show performance, the dynamic and momentum which lays in this all-new 3 Series Sedan had been emphasized. Visual graphics were projected onto the car during the car revealing session using Projection Mapping technique. Music was played along side with visual effects. Success of the event is beyond comparison.