Yoko Tsang Website

Yoko Tsang’s personal website is made by Gimmick House. Yoko Tsang is a beauty blogger and columnist in Hong Kong who possessed professional and most updated to beauty and fashion knowledge across the world to share with every lady.

The design and colors of her website are chosen to expresses the femininity of Yoko Tsang. Using simple design, simple colors and pink bows match with the elegant image of this beauty blogger.


When you browse through the website, you can see that the website is very user-friendly for both, the reader and Yoko Tsang herself. The readers can easily find what they want to read or see on her website thanks to the tabs, a calendar, an archive and tags. For Yoko herself, it is very easy to update the website thanks to a CMS system we have provided.

On her website you can find buttons that link with different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Weibo. By this way, people can stay up to dated with the latest posts of Yoko Tsang.