Hatchya Egg-citing Campaign


Hatchya is a crowd funding platform for innovators to hatch their ideas. Supported by millions of donors and investors, Hatchya will provide guidance and advices for start-ups.

In order to deliver the message to Hatchya’s target users precisely. A city hunt game was created for generating buzz and raise people’s attention for this brand new platform. To fulfil this objective, we also adopted various online media channles to conduct a digital marketing campaign.


One of the important element of this event was the treasure box. In order to leave a deeper impression on the public’s mind, we chose egg shape container as the prize box, naming the city hunt game — Egg-citing.


What are the actors running for?

Platform function, city hunt game and cash prize were the important elements of Egg-citing campaign. So we implanted those three elements respectively in three videos, making them the warming-up for the campaign.


On video shooting day, we got ready in the early morning for a good preparation and a brief session.


People will feel frustrated whenever their new ideas are turned down. In order to awake the same feeling of the audience, we used a metaphor in one of the videos. That’s why we poured water onto the actor’s face.


 Ending Shot

The shot was taken in Victoria Park. The effect looked perfect in the camera, but it was really a hot day.

And the good news was that it is the last ourdoor shot, which was also the ending shot of our video.